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Ships of the Starfleet

Centaur Class Cruiser (2338)
In Naval Construction Contract Order


The Surya Class of cruisers is the second-most notable starship frame design of Starfleet's history. Its design was inspired by the Ptolemy Class, but was greatly enhanced. The Ptolemy Class followed the Surya's technological and design lead henceforth. This class has been refit and recommissionned many times over, into various roles, and variants. The basic Surya frame can even be distinguised in its most recent descendant, the Nebula class, more than a century later. More than the original Constitution frame, this ship design has endured and withstood the test of time. Here are the various classes, refits and incarnations of the Surya Class:

Date of Commissionning Class Name NCC-# MK.
2242/01/14  Surya Class Cruiser NCC-1815...NCC-1888 Mk.I
2267/01 Reliant Class research cruiser NCC-26200...NCC-26271 Mk.II
2268 Avenger Class NCC-1830...NCC-1890 Mk.III
2268/02 Reliant II Class research cruisers NCC-26272...NCC-262xx Mk.IV
2273/05  Soyuz Class Attack Frigate / Border Cutter Mk.V
2274/06 Daran Class Fast Frigate Mk.VI
2284 Endurance Class NCC-1862...NCC-1880 Mk.VII
2287/06 Joshua Paul Class NCC-1830...NCC-1890 Mk.VIII
2295  Miranda Class Research Cruiser Mk.IX
2338 Centaur Class Cruiser Mk.X

SPECS for Mk.X - Centaur: sury10_g.jpg (1362 bytes)

Mission : scout
Complement : 125
Officer Crew : 20
Enlisted Crew : 85
Civilian Crew : n/a
Physical Description : Number of decks : 9
Height : 50m
Width : 160m
Length : 300m
Mass : 190,000 tons
Powerplant : Warp Engines : MARA
Impulse Engines : Standard
Computer System : LCARS
No. Nacelles : 2
Warp Speeds : Cruise: Warp 6;  Max Cruise: 8.5
Max Rated: Warp 9 for 12 hours
Weaponry : 7x Type XII Phaser banks, total output 24,000 TeraWatts
2x 2nd class photon torpedo tubes (50 torpedoes)
Expected Duration : 50 years
Time b/w resupply : 3 years
Time b/w refits : 5 years

SCHEMATIC for MkX - Centaur: sury10_j.gif (6247 bytes)

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2338 Centaur Class  [Mk.X] sury10_c.jpg (8662 bytes)



Service Dates


USS Centaur NCC-23412 2338 -
USS Huru NCC-39483 2340 -
USS Zuse NCC-39822 2338 - 2358 Destroyed
USS Gala NCC-40213 2338 - 2358 Destroyed
USS Lexington NCC-14427 2339 - 2355 Lost


GALLERY for Mk.X - Centaur: 

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2338 Centaur Class  [Mk.X]



Service Dates

Sim Group


USS Cairo NCC-... 2375 - Thunder Fleet / AQSG under construction at Starbase T'Plana-Hath, supervised by Capt. Li Gilora Shelby
Capt. ... (2375-)
USS Wildwynd NCC-4347 2373 - Bravo Fleet Capt. Ges'Ta Sheldon (2373-75)
Capt. Jeffery Foxx (2375- )


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